Venue Hire

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The Venue

Approximately 7.2m x 8.45m

The Venue has a seating capacity of up to 100 people and has an intimate atmosphere ideal for fringe theatre. The seating can be arranged in traditional theatre rows or cabaret style although this reduces capacity to 70. There is wheelchair access at the rear of the building.

Performance Area

A split level performance area provides great flexibility for performance. The rear and sides of stage area have black curtain surround.

Upper stage area Approximately 3.03m x 4.56m x 0.63m
Lower stage area Approximately 3.03m x 3.30m *

*This can be reduced to increase backstage area through use of railed black curtains.

There are height restrictions for set [To be inserted]

Also note that seats are not raked so any performance on Lower Stage should take into account potential restricted views for audience if actors are not standing in this area.

Back Stage 

At side of Lower Stage black curtains provide a compact space Approximately 0.6m x 1.92m comprising of a light/mirror/shelf and hooks. This can accommodate 3-4 actors at any one time. There is also the possibility to use part of Lower Stage as a backstage area increasing total backstage area to approximately 2m x 3m. This can accommodate 8-10 actors plus a small props table.

Additional Actors Area

Located to the rear of the audience seats there is an additional space marked in blue on floor plan which can be used for larger casts up to 15 actors to congregate in. Please note, this area necessitates entering and exiting through the audience via a central aisle.


There is a fully staffed bar at front of building serving drinks, before, during the interval and after performances.

Lighting Specification


Desk Zero 88 Jester ML24 Dimmer Zero 88 122 Channel Chilli rack

Generic Lighting

12 way IWB bar 6meters
2x source 4 Junior Profile with gobo holders
4x Selecon Acclaim Fresnel 650w

Intelligent Lighting

6x Chauvet Slim Par IEC
(4 rigged on IWB, 2 installed as sidelights)


Available details to follow

Marketing and Costs

Details to follow on website or for enquiries                                                                                                     Contact 0759 0458 297  or email